“Daddy, Stop Twitting!” – Day 21 #MNINB

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Amateur author & podcaster. Actual husband, father & martial artist. Today's April Platform Challenge is all about being a twit. Seriously. Well, according to my youngest, SamIAm, anyway. I’m a recovering Twitter addict, the ebb and flow of information calls to me on some primitive level. My wife says it’s because I’m simple. Go figure.

Robert wants us to take a look at three different pieces of Twitter software and pick the one we like the best. As with a lot of these challenges, I think I’m a little ahead of the curve.

I’ve tried Hootsuite and Seesmic. Seesmic didn’t do a lot for me. I know a lot of people swear by it, so chalk this one up to individual taste. Hootsuite runs a close second in my book. Matter-of-fact, I’ve got the Hootsuite extension loaded in my Chrome installation. But the one I like the best for my laptop is, hands down, Tweetdeck. However, Tweetdeck isn’t my favorite Twitter application. No sir. That prize goes to another.

My family and I have recently come into the 21st Century, cell phone-wise. We’ve embraced the smart-phone craze like ravenous wildebeests.  I have no idea what that literally means, but it just sounds needy. My wife will say she initially objected. Not so with Thing1 and Thing2. Be that as it may, we all like the Android smart phone … and I like the Tweetcaster app. That is my favorite.

But, all these programs have the same draw back, even Tweetcaster; none of them cross post to Google+.

I can follow and post to Twitter and Facebook on Tweetcaster and those plus LinkedIn on Tweetdeck, but Google+ somehow has eluded them both. Yes, I’ve heard the excuses, but the Google+ API has been out for some time now. Come on, people! You’d think Google Play would want that integrated as soon as possible!


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