Seasons Endings

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Did you miss me? I’m back! It has been a long summer. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve learned a great deal. For one thing, beach trips with boogie boarding, sand castles, and family are more fun when you just go with it. Recovering from the pounding the surf inflicts on my body is taking longer each year, but the fun is well worth it.

I’ve learned that traveling 15 and a half hours, across the Mississippi (twice), and into the mid-west is a beast. While I could probably do it in one day, I broke it into two. My family thanked me. Something about the grouch factor being significantly less.

And, I’ve learned that I’m not nearly the tough guy I thought I was. I’m not stoic, I’m not strong, and I’m not indefatigable. In point of fact, the only thing machismo and I have in common is … well … I like cheese.