Guest Blogger: Karen Cole - Hiring a Ghost Writer Works!

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A ghost writer is a person who writes any form of text, including books or even music, that is accredited to the person he is writing for. They are often used by famous people such as celebrities, politicians, business executives and other high profile people in the public limelight to write memoirs, autobiographies, music or anything else they desire. Written work such as books can be either fiction or nonfiction.

Ghost writers do not have to write all the work; they may do the research and create a rough draft, and then leave the writing to the client. Or they may do a draft of the work, or just edit and fill in some more information after being given a draft.

Interview: Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris

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The Janus AffairTo give you all of you some idea of my summer, I started the process of this interview with Pip & Tee back in May. MAY! They got back to me in June and then my summer-itis hit and its been parked ever since. Hopefully, our two agents from the Ministry will not hold the delay against me.

For those of you not acquainted with Pip & Tee, there are a slew of links at the bottom of the interview. Please feel free to check our authors out.

A review of The Janus Affair will have to wait. Among other things, reading also got put on the back shelf this summer. It’s on top of my TBR pile (Is it a pile if it in your Kindle?) and I hope to get at it soon.

On to the interview, without further adieu.