Here's the Wind Up ... and the Pitch - Day 22 #MNINB

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Today’s exercise in the April Platform Challenge (which is becoming increasing misnamed, as I take longer and longer to finish it) is to be a Guest Blogger! Fortunately for me, I have an in.

Mel Jones, over at Mel’s Madness, asked for guest bloggers and I jumped at the chance before she had an opportunity to  think better of it <laugh type=”evil”/>. Bad news, that’s not the intended exercise. It’s seems I have to “pitch” an idea to a blog host, not just invite myself in.

No worries! I like meeting people, whether virtually or IRL. I’ve been following a new blog for several days and the title says it all; Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them. That much snark just must be read! So, I readied my pitch, “Dear Inattentive Driver,”  and … it was high and outside.

Amber Jones, proprietor of said blog, is a bit cagey with her contact information. So cagey, that I couldn’t not find it. Nary a whisper. That doesn’t mean that the information is not there, just that I couldn’t see it. It may have been the color of laundry or the shade toys on the floor get, I dunno; I was just unable to see it! I have resorted to pleading with Mel to pass the information on to Amber. (She guest blogged Mel’s Madness last week.)

*Sigh* It’s a great letter. I would post it here, but I think it needs a more letter-quese context. Do me a favor, would you? Hop on over to Amber’s site. Tell her how funny she is; how awesome her writing is. Do it many times. And casually let it slip that I sent you.

No, I haven’t forgotten Mel (and all that I have asked her to do for me). How could I? I’m the guest blogger (at least this one time) Wednesday, May 9th. Come visit! Bring your family! Bring your friends!


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