Reblog Sunday: Dear Inattentive Driver

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Welcome to another in a series of posts on “Reblog Sunday.” Here is were I recycle content I have posted elsewhere. Reasons vary. It could be that I believe it is important, touching or funny. Or, it could be that I’m lazy. I’m leaving that decision as a exercise for you, gentle reader.

Today’s offering was originally a Guest Blog at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them on May 17th of this year. You’ve been there when the left lane bandit selfishly keeps you from your destination, when the cell phone talker brakes your forward progress to a crawl, when the NASCAR wanabees try trading paint with you. This post is for them; the inattentive drivers.

Gone Fishing - Don't I Wish

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This could not have happened at a more inconvenient time. I’m going to be (even more so) out of the loop for the next week or so. It seems I have done myself some damage while getting ready for Thing1’s graduation. I’ve managed to to over-stress and inflame (because just doing one of them wasn’t enough – classic over-achiever) my right trapezius and sternocleidomastoideus (yeah, I had to look it up too) muscles. I'm knotted up like an over-wound rubber band.

Hey, I’m Award Winning! - The Versatile Blogger Award

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First off, and before I forget, many, many thanks to Melanie Marttila over at Writely Goodness for manominating It was a Dark & Stormy Night ... for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you Melanie! I mention her name so you will know who to blame in the future. I must say, I feel like I imagine blue ribbon cattle feel; outstanding in their field.

Seriously (if I can be taken at face value), it is quite an honor, especially since it is bestowed by a peer. I wasn't sure who was reading my ramblings, outside of friends and family, so it’s encouraging. Yes, I have been encouraged and will continue (the last spoken to embarrassed spawn).

Reblog Sunday: Careful Wishing

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Welcome to the inaugural post of “Reblog Sunday.” Here is were I recycle content I have posted elsewhere. Reasons vary. It could be that I believe it is important, touching or funny. Or, it could be that I’m lazy. I’m leaving that decision as a exercise for you, gentle reader.

Today’s offering was originally a Guest Blog at Mel’s Madness on May 9th of this year. As the only male in a house full of women, sometimes my life reads a lot like stand up. This is one of those times. I hope you enjoy it.

Out To Guest Dragon

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I am off Guest Blogging today at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them; thank you Amber James for hosting! So, pop on over and read “Dear Inattentive Driver,” then comment profusely. See, I trying to engage you interactively.

Last week I put out a “Help Wanted: Looking for Guest Bloggers” sign. Nary a peep. *Sigh*

This week, I’m trying a more direct approach … the dragon. I mean, hey; the sign didn’t work. Dragons are cool, right? I see it as a reverse psychology approach, “Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup!”

Last week, I asked for Guest Bloggers and I got nada. This week I’m telling them to stay away and I’m bracing myself for the impending rush as we speak. Why dragons, you may ask?

Gone Blogging!

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Today I'm Guest Blogger over at Mel’s Madness. Go and visit, comment and let Mel know how much you appreciate her. You’re reading, she’s a teacher, do the math. Mel is gracious enough to host a local writer’s workshop that I have been known to frequent (if you abuse the term ‘frequent’). I told her I’d ask all 18 of you to go and visit. Consider yourself asked.

Next week, I’m guesting at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them. With a title like that, you know that snark is around the corner. It just begs to be read! I’ll have more info on that later.

Spring Cleaning - Categories

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Public Domain as fear 2 perspectiveTomorrow I will be the Guest Blogger at Mel’s Madness. That’s the first bit of spring cleaning that needed doing. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Mel’s place is non-fiction and, as I’m sure my family will tell you, I like to make stuff up. Tomorrow’s offering is a (mostly) auto-biographical piece, in keeping with Mel’s blog. It is, quite frankly, a stretch for me. Anyhoo, head over tomorrow and give it a gander.

Yes, I know the image looks more like holding on than letting go, but it has two things going for it. When you start the cleaning process, things do get tossed and decisions have to be made, otherwise you are just shuffling stuff. And second, it’s a free image.

The Liebster Blog Award

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First off, many thanks to Mel and Sopphey for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. I’m glad they could see something in that whole, soul bearing rant. Other people can express their feelings very well. When I try, it tends to sound like a mosquito with a bullhorn; whiny, loud and out for blood. Overall, I've tried to adhere to a "Never Complain, Never Explain" lifestyle. It didn’t work all that well when I was younger and when I had daughters, that effort went completely out the window.

Trolling or How Using the Word "Spamming" Almost Got Me There

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image If you've been involved with social media for any length of time, or with forums or UseNet groups, you've probably heard the phrase "Don't Feed the Troll." In it’s most general sense, it can mean “don’t engage with an obnoxious individual.” Seems simple enough on the surface and it’s a rule that I haven’t had an issue with, until recently.

A posting of mine, on a popular social media site, got a comment that caused me to have a visceral reaction and I came within keystrokes of violating Wheaton’s Law. I don’t feel great about. As a matter of fact, I felt a little sick. First, that I allowed this individual to have such control and second, because I know better; I really do. You probably need a little more context.