Rating System:

Final Verdict: Rating (x of 5)   Final thoughts, if any
  • Not Recommended  - I had to suffer through this; you shouldn't have to. Item under review plagued by poor production values, poor writing, bad editing, awful presentation or some combination. Nothing here to salvage.
  • Needs Improvement  - There is something here, it's just hamstrung by bad grammer, poor word choice, a noisy production, awkward pacing, miscast actors, etc. If you're feeling charitable, give this rating a shot.
  • Recommended  - Definitely worth a listen. Good story, adequate production values, decent pacing and vocalization. Nothing glaringly out of place. There may not be a soundtrack or website. The audio file may have limited branding embedded.
  • Highly Recommended  - A must listen! Compelling story and characters. Professional level voice work (diction, intonation, characterization). Has a supporting website and show notes. Utilizes a soundtrack. Good branding of the audio files.
  • Outstanding!  - A highly recommended rating plus an extra umpha. The story is especially daring, provocotive or evocative. The production brings something we haven't seen before to light, or shines a different light on an old, familiar topic.

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  3. I have been known to speak with great authority in areas where I have none. You have been warned.
  4. Having said that, I've been known to be reticent regarding things I know a great deal about. Go figure.
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  6. If I am waxing on and on about something I clearly know nothing about, or if I'm plainly in the weeds, feel free to ignore me. It happens.
  7. Sometimes, I don't get it.
  8. And sometimes I do.
  9. I do not defend my reviews. They are a snapshot of my opinion the day and place I made them. Time and experience change everything.
  10. Take anything I say with a grain of salt. You'll live longer and enjoy life more.
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Draft Copy
A raw, unedited story likely to be replete with misspellings, questionable grammar, odd phrasing and tenuous logic. Draft copy may or may not appear in a finished product, or it may be substantially changed, altered or edited. In other words, enjoy it while it lasts, it may not come around again.