An Ark Full of Archetypes

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The Way of the Gun - A Bushido Western AnthologyI'm more than a little excited about this Kickstarter campaign from Scott Roche. It takes me back to those rainy, Saturday afternoons when my brothers and I would watch one Gene Autry or John Wayne western after another until Mom and Dad got tired of us being underfoot and shooed us off to clean our rooms. When they’d leave to get groceries, we’d sneak back into the den and catch dubbed Japanese martial arts films. We’d have to go to the den because back then we only had the one television. Apparently the buzzing sound the tube made attracted the dinosaurs.

This anthology is all about that rainy afternoon when you could be both the stoic gunslinger and the fiery Kung Fu master. It is the swirled cone of chocolate and peanut butter that is the genre mash-up of Western and Wuxia. It’s adventure to the W2 power!