Yes, that’s the royal “our,” but it makes us tired to talk like that for long, so we’re done with it for now. Anyhoo, it’s about time to get on with it …

Tuesdays are Guest Tuesdays at It was a Dark & Stormy Night … Of course, without a Guest Blogger, it’s going to be one great, big, goose egg during the third day of the week. Accordingly, if you want to guest blog here, then I want to talk with you!

This is an eclectic place, so the topics can vary widely. There is always, of course, Writing, specifically Speculative Fiction Writing. If that doesn’t trip your trigger, why don’t you try Podcasting (content or technical), Pulp Fiction (think Maxwell Grant instead of John Travolta), Old-Time Radio, Martial Arts (Karate/Iaido/Judo), Reviews & Interviews, Comic Books (Graphic Novels), Model Rocketry (ships/payloads/launch systems), Modeling (polystyrene, not catwalk), Programming, Classic Gaming (Ogre & TFT, not Checkers & Chess), and anything Tech/Geek/Nerd.

Basically, if you can hum the Imperial March or know where your towel is (and why that’s important); own a browncoat or know who Cliff Secord is or what a Beowulf cluster is;  know the story behind The Incredible Hulk #180 & #181 or know what series “Ab-so-fragging-lutely” is from (bonus points for naming the character, the portraying actor, his wife, and her defining TV series AND what any of that has to do with Charlie's Angels); then, I think you’ll fit in just fine around here.

As to what I’m looking for; send me a one to two paragraph pitch. If we’re simpatico, then I’ll ask you for the post (up to 1500 words), an author bio, and if you’re comfortable with it, your picture. Please remember to included your name, contact information, and links to your own blog and other social media. We’ll work together on determining the best Tuesday to post. And, you don’t get to bolt either. I’m going to need you to be available for some comments and follow up afterwards.

This is a PG-13 blog. My kids read it. I want them to continue to be able to. Other than that, things are pretty standard; no slander or libel or hate, opinions need to be clearly stated as such, no copyrighted material (even stuff you have permission to use – that would be great on your blog!), no spamming, and no infomercials. Yes, you can promote your latest endeavor. If in doubt, ask. I’m pretty flexible. Stop laughing! I am!

You can contact me at ellis.paul.k (at) with “Guest Tuesday Blogger” in the subject line!

That’s the whole shebang. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!