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I am off Guest Blogging today at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them; thank you Amber James for hosting! So, pop on over and read “Dear Inattentive Driver,” then comment profusely. See, I trying to engage you interactively.

Last week I put out a “Help Wanted: Looking for Guest Bloggers” sign. Nary a peep. *Sigh*

This week, I’m trying a more direct approach … the dragon. I mean, hey; the sign didn’t work. Dragons are cool, right? I see it as a reverse psychology approach, “Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup!”

Last week, I asked for Guest Bloggers and I got nada. This week I’m telling them to stay away and I’m bracing myself for the impending rush as we speak. Why dragons, you may ask?

That answer belongs to Thing2, my middlest. She is big into Stamping Up and recently gave me a picture for my cube. I’ve got it around here somewhere.0517121745 Click on it for a larger image. The caption reads “Do Not Disturb The Dragon” and the words “My Cubicle” are enveloped in the green flames roaring from its gruesome maw! Sorry got a bit carried away there. I asked aforementioned minion why she gave me the picture.

“Dad, it’s you,” she said, in a deadpan only an annoyed 12-year-old can deliver.

“Really, sweetie? You see me as a dragon?”

“Ah, no. I was making something else and accidently double stamped it. Instead of throwing it away I gave it to you.”

Stop with the “Ah’s” right now! That wasn’t sweet, it was evil! She gave me the picture because it’s defective! As you can tell, my children are terrified of me. Really, they are! Stop laughing!

Okay, when you get your breath back, please head over to Amber’s and check out the post. If you’re a blogger, writer, or just have something to say, check out the “Be Our Guest” link up top. I’d love to host you!


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