Gone Blogging!

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Today I'm Guest Blogger over at Mel’s Madness. Go and visit, comment and let Mel know how much you appreciate her. You’re reading, she’s a teacher, do the math. Mel is gracious enough to host a local writer’s workshop that I have been known to frequent (if you abuse the term ‘frequent’). I told her I’d ask all 18 of you to go and visit. Consider yourself asked.

Next week, I’m guesting at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them. With a title like that, you know that snark is around the corner. It just begs to be read! I’ll have more info on that later.

I’m having a great deal of fun doing these guest posts. What would really be fun is for you to Guest Blog here! If you’re a blogger, writer, or just have something to say, check out the “Be Our Guest” link up top. I’d love to host you!


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