IMHO, or perhaps, not so humble - Day 6 of the April Platform Challenge

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Today’s April Platform Challenge is near and dear to my heart: giving my opinion. The exercise said to “direct your attention elsewhere.” I didn’t like the sound of that, so I changed it. Seriously, we were to read a blog post and *thoughtfully* comment on it (more on that, later). Oh, and link back to our blog; in my case, back to here! So, if you’re new here … Hiya! Strap in, things tend to get pretty weird, pretty fast.

Standard Caveats Apply

The beautiful thing about an opinion is, it’s never, ever wrong. Wait-wait-wait! Think about it. I’m not saying the information used to form the opinion or the sources the opinion is based on are never wrong; I’m saying the opinion is (due to it’s very subjective nature) never wrong; because it is an opinion, not a recitation of fact. 

The delivery, on the other hand, is a whole, ‘nother story. When some yaybob (not me) starts spouting their opinion like it’s indisputable fact, you have a troll on your hands; particularly when attempts to reason with said individual are met with derision and personal attacks - the virtual equivalent of hurling feces. Like I recommended yesterday; disengage. You are truly attempting to put lipstick on a pig. The pig doesn’t care for it and you look ridiculous for trying.

I know, I know, you’re like, “Paul, what about your opinions? You’re not shy about waxing on and on with them.” Ahem. Please click on the Standard Caveats Apply link. At present there are 10 caveats I use to disavow trollish behavior. If nothing else, just read number 1 and number 10. Especially number 10.

My victim selection was the Fit-2-Write Podcast. It’s sort of an audio blog, right? Shoutouts to Lauren “Scribe” Harris, Tee Morris, and Justin Macumber. Yes, I’m going to name drop and drag y’all into this, too.

Anywho, my clever remarks can be found here. Or, the comment will be there after it has been moderated. It may not be, though. I referenced nose-blowing. So much for thoughtful remarks.


It is difficult to have an opinion when one of the chief pleasures in life, in my opinion, is acceptance into the herd. Which implies stifling my opinions so that other, less-worthy ones may be uttered. And belittled (in the privacy of my own cube).

Did the challenge stipulate that you offer a thoughtful opinion, or get involved in a controversial topic? Thoughtful opinions are often ignored; controversial topics often lead to ulcers.

And I'm out of Tums.

April 6, 2012 at 8:23 PM

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