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A ghost writer is a person who writes any form of text, including books or even music, that is accredited to the person he is writing for. They are often used by famous people such as celebrities, politicians, business executives and other high profile people in the public limelight to write memoirs, autobiographies, music or anything else they desire. Written work such as books can be either fiction or nonfiction.

Ghost writers do not have to write all the work; they may do the research and create a rough draft, and then leave the writing to the client. Or they may do a draft of the work, or just edit and fill in some more information after being given a draft.

If writing from scratch without a rough draft, the ghost writer will do the research on the material to be written, and the work is presented as if the client did it. That means getting the tone and the language of the client right.

If the ghost writers are working with a rough draft, they will do the research and then add the information that needs to be added, then arrange and edit the book so that it is a well-finished product. In any of these cases, a ghost writer will work with some input from the client, because they have to get the information right and ensure that they write as if they are their clients - as much as humanly possible.

image The person who wants a ghost writer to do some writing work will contact the ghost writer and express to him what his needs are. As in any other career, ghost writers will be sourced from professional organizations, word of mouth, job boards and other traditional methods. The ghost writer will then spend some time researching on what they have been commissioned to write about. This can take varying amounts of time depending on what the ghost writer will be writing, but the average time for a book manuscript is anywhere from three to six months, up to a year.

After the work is done, the client decides if he will acknowledge the ghost writer's efforts. The ghost writer can be acknowledged on the cover of a book, or if writing for an article, the ghost writer's name may appear in the byline. In most cases, however, the ghost writer will not be publicly acknowledged.

A ghost writer will be paid according to the arrangements with the client. He can be paid by getting an advance before the work is begun, and he may additionally get royalties from sales of the book. He can also be paid by getting a percentage of the fee before he commences the work, then after he is finished he gets the rest of the fee. High profile clients such as public figures, political leaders, celebrities and well-known executives will pay more than the lesser-known clients.

Writing can be a daunting task for those who do not have the skills or time, but with the help of ghost writers it is possible to produce quality work.


Today’s Guest Blogger is Karen Cole, Executive Director of Ghost Writer, Inc.

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