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This month, Robert Lee Brewer has issued the April Platform Challenge for writers. The current thinking is; one of the most important tools for a writer in today’s media environment is a strong platform. Think of it as branding for social media. Now, I would’ve thought that actually finishing the novel would be important too, but whatdaIknow?

Anywho, today’s exercise is to set goals. Okay, I can see that. Goals are good things, they help to consistently point you in the desired direction. That presupposes the goals are consistent and coherent. That be asking a bit much from me, but lets give it a go. Short term goals are those that I believe I can accomplish before the end of the year; long term goals are more bucket list-quese.

Short term goals:
  • Keep on rockin’ at the day job. Papa’s got bills and retirement is over a decade away.
  • Complete the April Platform Challenge
  • Celebrate 20th anniversary with wife
  • Finish getting the house in shape for the open house
  • Get Thing1 to college this fall without crying (this may not happen, the without crying part, I mean)
  • Get to RavenCon, meet Glen Cook, try not to embarrass myself
  • Finish the initial draft of the Order of the Silver Rose
  • Start looking for an agent
Long term goals:
  • Keep growing as a father and husband (no, not in the waist, either)
  • Get Thing1 to complete college and shuffle Thing2 and SamIAm in and out of college, as well
  • Get that black belt (I’m already so close)
  • Get published (or a contract) before I’m 50. This should probably be a short term goal.
  • Pay off debt, live large.
  • Celebrate 50th anniversary with wife
  • Find an agent
  • Retire, or something simulating retirement that doesn’t involve being a greeter at Wal-Mart.

I’m not sure if these goals are supposed to be like resolutions (resolute) or promises or what. I believe I’ll treat like waypoints; not as an end, but more like sign posts along the way.


You and I are in an interesting synchronicity. You have a 20th wedding anniversary coming up, as do I. You have Thing1 to get into college, as do I (but there will be gnashing of teeth rather than crying, especially if he doesn't hurry up and find some scholarships!). You are getting ready for an open house (as are we, but ours is for the high school graduate; is yours?). As for the rest, I've been in a writer's group for over a year now and have yet to complete a first draft of anything. I suppose that means that I don't have a novel thought in my head.

April 6, 2012 at 6:46 PM

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