Scheduling - #MNINB #29

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The penultimate task of the April Platform Challenge is to create a task list for the month of May. Since I’m already well beyond that now, I’ve created the list for the month of June.

I think all those years of creating programming schedules for radio has finally paid off. I’ve set things up on a weekly rotation with a rather ambitious two original blog posts a week. We’ll see if I’m able to mange that into my writing schedule. After all, it’s one thing to build a platform, but you have to have something to build it for.

I’m using Google Calendars to track things. If I have content, it’ll be on the schedule below, otherwise it’ll be a big old naught.

Sundays: Reblog Sundays – If I have been out and about and if was any good, I’ll reblog here.

Mondays: Interviews – I’ve been casting a wide net. Once I get the audio suite rolling, it’ll be podcasts.

Tuesdays: Guest Tuesdays – E’nuff said.

Wednesdays: Regular Blog Post

Thursdays: Podcast Thursday – Highly experimental, which’ll mean it’ll either be really superb or outstandingly awful.

Fridays: Review day – Movies, Podcasts, Books, pretty much anything I feel like yammering on about.

Saturdays: Regular Blog Post


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