On overachieving, and debating what #FF means - Day 13 of the April Platform Challenge

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Today’s assignment for the April Platform Challenge is to link my blog post from yesterday to my social networks. Wait, what? Um … I do that as a matter of course. Whatever I write here, I inflict on make available in my social spheres. This isn’t a challenge. It isn’t even daunting. <whine/> Oh,wait! Robert is offering extra credit; share a #ff Tweet on Twitter of 3 – 5 Tweeps ( not Twits, Thing2 & SamIAm!) I find especially engaging. Okay … that took about five minutes. What? Oh, #ff? That’s a hashtag for “Friday Follow.” The “Follow” part is a shorthand for you to provide a list of remarkable people you believe others may want to consider following on Twitter. And visa versa. The “Friday” part is pure alliteration. After all, “Monday Follow” sounds like another name for a hangover.

Doing the “Friday Follow” thing didn’t take long, so I began thinking what else #ff could stand for … and there’s where the trouble ensued; the whole thinking part.

Standard Caveats Apply

Chuck Wendig over at terribleminds is going to start thinking I’ve got a man crush on him and that I am a cyberstalker, what with the frequency his name has come up lately. But, this time he asked for it. No, I’m not blaming the victim. Chuck has issued a challenge of his own; a Flash Fiction challenge. And look at me, time set aside and nothing to do with it. So, I’m taking him up on it and now, I’m challenged. Wait, that didn’t come out right …

As it turns out #ff has absolutely nothing to do with Flash Fiction. Well, other than the echoing initials. But, my point is that it could have; even thought it doesn’t. What, oh yeah, the challenge; 1000 words about death, due Thursday 4/19 by noon.

Chuck’s doing this for a couple of reasons; one, writers, well, they gotta write and the winner gets a copy of his new book, Blackbirds. Which brings me to the second reason, it’s to help promote the release of said new book; all about fate, free-will and a girl who can see how you’re going to die just by touching you. You should probably head over to his site, he does a much better job explaining it than I do.

On to the other #ff challenge! (You wait, it’ll catch on. Then you’ll be saying you heard it here first!) A 1000 word short story that prominently features death, in some form; front and center. What that means in terms of genre and theme is entirely up to me. Stay tuned, I'll be posting my entry here, sometime before noon, Thursday.


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