All a-Twitter - Day 9 of the April Platform Challenge

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In today’s episode of the April Platform Challenge, we respond to three tweets. This will not end well for me. My wife and daughters claim they have well documented my Twitter addiction. I needed the break today. I was up all night suffering from seasonal sinusitis. Blergh! Naturally, the first tweet I replied to today also concerned an individual suffering from a similar malady. Birds of a feather flock together on Twitter. Hey, that’s pretty cool! Remember, you heard it here (hear – pun intended) first.

Robert has us building a brand and getting accustomed to utilizing social media. For early adopters (relatively) like myself, this part of the challenge has been comparatively easy. Makes me wonder what danger lies around the corner

In other news, I’m trying a new approach to my template and “Share” button woes. Hopefully, I won’t have to rewrite much of it to get the buttons to appear. If so, you should see them shortly. Or, you’ll see a new template. When template customizations go bad, next on Fox! 


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